Informatics Projects (ICT)


We highlight some of the company’s projects (in progress or already completed):

  • Elaboration of a new communication and digital marketing strategy for TI Rio, including the institution’s website, e-mail marketing, presence in social media networks and online video channel (with the design, production and presentation of specific programs);
  • Academic Coordination of the Systems Development area for ​​the School of Networks of Brazil’s National Research and Teaching Network – ESR / RNP;
  • Participation, as a specialist in ICT / IoT, in the proposal prepared by the consortium led by the Elo Group for the BNDES public call for the preparation of a technical study on the Internet of Things;
  • Coordination of the Experimental Center for Digital Interactive Content – CECID (Riosoft Project funded by Finep, Sebrae-RJ and Faperj);
  • Coordination of the project of the Brazilian Society of Healthcare Informatics for the elaboration of the Manual of Certification for Electronic Health Registration Systems, selection and training of evaluators, and structuring of processes and controls for the operationalization of this certification. Editing the initial versions of both the Certification Manual and the Operational Manual for Tests and Analyzes, coordinating the public consultation process of these versions.